Beginners’ Guide to SmallWorlds Artwork

Whether you are a creative artist with so much experience or you are a passionate beginner to the world of art, smallworlds virtual world offers an interesting challenge. But before proceeding to be a successful Smallworlds player here are the first and basic success tips you need to follow.

Just like what is obtainable in any other platform, SmallWorlds gold generator to help you get going quickly when you create an account. It is important to be patient and not be in too much of a hurry. One the things you will be prompted to do is to create and customize your avatar using their avatar builder. Follow the instructions and the prompts so as to ensure you get set and get going in your new virtual world as soon as possible.

Also, some other essential things you will be prompted to do is to move about simply by clicking the floor and clicking exactly where you would love to navigate to. You will learn how to interact with items by clicking on them. You will also learn to really communicate smoothly by typing into a box at the bottom left of your screen.

Now the next step is to go to your home space for the first time. You have lots of option which you can choose from in order to make your home space unique in design and setting. Here you can also choose your flooring and wallpaper. In addition to this, you will have access to shopping a catalog which you can explore and have access to a wide range of furniture to further make your home look good.

When it comes to the subject of creativity, Smallworlds provides you with endless possibilities, whether your interest is in painting, sculpture or creating your own missions for other players. No other game will give you so much freedom in terms of expressing yourself like you get in smallworlds.

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Building Your Legacy Team Using Madden NFL Mobile Season Score

Now that the newest Madden NFL Mobile season has started, you most likely built your Madden NFL Mobile squad. Your team was reset which makes the playing field equal. Your cash balances were retained but most items were reset such as achievements, level, seasons completed, head to head tank, item binders, and coins.

Players were granted Packs at the start based on their previous season score. The final roster was placed as a Legacy Team and players could go to the Trophy Room whenever they want to backtrack their squad from the previous season. They are still available for play for a limited time.

Keep in mind that the Legacy Team’s availability depends at times. Some players removed from the Legacy Team could be replaced with better or equal players. This legacy team could be used in playing for special Live Events but not for regular play.

In managing a Legacy Team, the players could set the lineup through the My Team panel. However,
if you weren’t able to fix this last August 15, what you had is saved and cannot be saved. Therefore, you should dig up your previous team so you could start with the season with a bang. Through season score, you could receive special benefits for the latest season.

It is important that you have reached 100% in your past score as this could put you in an elite group which has the top 3% of Madden NFL’s mobile players. Once you have this stat, you could have one offensive and one defensive elite player items. You could also have ten gold kickoff packs with either one gold, two silver, or two bronze. And the most important of all, you could have your own legacy team.

1. Madden Mobile troubleshooting tips
2. Madden Mobile free coin generator
3. Legacy Team

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How to get your music on Google Play

Using Google Play Music, you could easily share, store, and play the music you want. Store up to 50,000 songs without charge.
You may upload music to the cloud by using either Google Play Music for Chrome or Music Manager. The latter is available for Linux, PC, and Mac. Meanwhile, there is also the former if you are just using the Chrome browser. You may also opt to transfer files to specific drives that you want.

Once you have created an account and signed in using Google Play Music, you may listen to the music you uploaded using a mobile device or computer. You may also use Android TV, Sonos, Android Wear, Android Auto, and Chromecast.

Stream music even without subscription to Google Play Music in the United States. Stream radio stations based on your activity, mood, or whatever popular music there is that you feel like listening to. Moreover, if you subscribe to Google Play Music, you could stream almost 30 million songs and skip as much as you like. You may even listen to music offline.

Create your own playlists and scan through radio stations based on your favorite songs or artists. This is surely ad-free and skip-free.

Now that you are all set, you should learn how to add music to Google Play. So there are two methods as said earlier. Continue reading

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Crossy Road Tips and Tricks

We now know how Crossy Road is an addictive game that works like Frogger, only different in a sense that you collect free gifts through new characters and coins. Basically, you need to go as far as you can without drowning, getting caught by a hawk, or getting hit by a train or a car. Basically, all you need is concentration, timing, and practice. To bring your game to a higher level, read on and apply these tips!

1. You don’t have to spend real money

Oftentimes, free gifts are being given by Crossy Road and you may obtain coins during the game through Crossy Road hack. If you want to get a character fast, you could always purchase one for only 99 cents but if you come to think of it, you’ll have more fun playing the game. It may take a longer time getting characters but the fun is worth it.

2. When crossing sections, check for patterns.

Almost all of the time, there are already existing patterns in traffic and rivers. Strategically work your way by remembering how the patterns go. Watch the flow of traffic, the speed of the lanes, and the direction where things come from. The algorithm is pretty much the same.

3. Take advantage of sprints

To get a high score faster, sprint across several traffic lanes at a given time. Make sure you are fast in determining the time when you can do this. Try looking through a macro view of the environment and not just what is in front of your character. Tap like crazy when there is an opening in a freeway. Just make sure not to overshoot.

4. Avoid getting fixated on coins.

Coins merely allow you to get new characters but other than that, they don’t have much purpose. Remember not to focus too much on getting coins since they could be easily gotten by watching short trailers. Better concentrate on the road and the adventure in front of you.

5. Jump as close to the back of trucks and cars as much as you could.

When crossing traffic lanes, jump at once upon letting the cars pass. This gives you ample time before another car could possibly hit you. The thought here is to get close to the bumpers of the cars passing in front of you so if you need to turn around, you have more time to do so.

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My Singing Monsters Fan Art You Can Get Excited About!

my-singing-monsters-fan-art-1My Singing Monsters is a simulation game available both in Google Play and App Store. It is basically a simulation game where you could control strange creatures in a world that’s specially made for them. It is more inclined in being a world-building music game where the player collects and breeds monster mashes.
Every monster could sing with a unique song and it has its own personality and sound. In the end, you could create your entire digital monster orchestra. You may either breed the monsters or purchase them from the shop. Feed them and level them up as well so they would have better performances.

Indeed, My Singing Monsters Fan Art is a great way to spend your time when you are bored. No wonder more and more people are being enticed in playing the game. Did you know that its fan base now includes graphic artists and perhaps just people given talents in drawing?

In My Singing Monsters’ Facebook page, there is an album entitled Fan Art for My Singing Monsters. The link is Even the creators of the game are amazed by the creativity of their fan base. Submitted artworks range from images generated using computers while others are simply drawings which are indeed very colorful. There are even others who took the extra effort to use fuzzy wires. For the children, they make use of clay to form their favorite monsters. Some opt for DIY cut-outs which are very creative, using the fan art to create the UI interface for diamond generator like My Singing Monsters hack tool.


Meanwhile, there is also an existing DeviantArt group for enthusiasts of My Singing Monsters app. The link to the group is Browse among numerous galleries of original artworks by the young and old fans alike of My Singing Monsters.

And of course, Tumblr is a great source for browsing for images as well. Just search the #mysinginingmonsters and #fanart hashtags and you’ll see there are a lot more images created by people playing the game. Checking the Tumblr page itself with the link will also show you not only fan arts but also other images related to the game.

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Hits and Misses at the Box Office for 2013

Let’s have a look at which of the movies made it big and which tanked in the year 2013.

The Hits

  • Iron Man 3


Robert Downey Jr. gave the biggest hit of 2013; it was the third installment of Iron Man, Iron Man 3. The movie had a $174 million opening and went on to cross the staggering figure of $1 billion. The total budget of the movie was $200 million.

  • Frozen

FrozenFor the first time in forever, an animated movie has done so much business. Frozen emerged as a successful blockbuster by the end of 2013 and earned a little over $1.2 billion in worldwide gross earnings. For a movie which had a budget of $250 million, this is huge, and the producers were definitely happy. But Disney fans were happier. Frozen went on to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature later on at the 2014 Academy Awards. Continue reading

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One of the most popular and famous music and arts festival is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. It is an annual festival occurring over two weekends for three days each weekend, and is held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The festival features different types of music genres, such as electronic, hip hop, indie, and rock. During the festival, several stages feature a variety of artist performing throughout the day. The main stages are the Mojave Tent, Gobi Tent, Coachella Stage, Sahara Tent, and Outdoor Theatre. Continue reading

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Who is Karin Dreijer Andersson?

One of the most popular Swedish electronic musicians is Karin Dreijer Andersson. She is also known by her stage name and one-man band, Fever Ray. Together with her brother, she also performs as the band The Knife. She is known for her ability to sing in different tones along with the ability to use mulitracked vocals. She creates different pitches and sounds with her voice using technology that adds a mysterious and intricate effect in her music. Andersson enjoys using theatrical elements in her shows like masks and body paint to remain more obscure in her performances.

Style: "fever ray 2"

In 1999, she formed The Knife with her brother, Olof Dreijer. The band gained international recognition in 2003 with their album Deep Cuts. They earned even more attention when one of their songs, Heartbeats, was covered by Jose Gonzalez for a Sony commercial. The band has earned a number of Swedish Grammis, but the group refuses to attend the rewards ceremonies. Continue reading

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What is visual art and what are the core elements of it?

Visual art refers to the creations that are tangible and can be seen by the naked eye. Examples of these are paintings, drawings, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, and printmaking. It also includes decorative arts such as ceramics, furniture and interior design, jewelry making, metal crafting, and woodworking. Continue reading

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Art and Music of Daniel Johnston

Daniel Dale Johnston or better known as Daniel Johnston was born on January 22, 1961 from Sacramento California and is now currently residing at Waller, Texas. He is a composer and a singer. He also knows how to play the piano, guitar, chord organ and drums. Other special talents included making artworks now being shown in London and New York. Continue reading

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