Art and Music of Daniel Johnston

Daniel Dale Johnston or better known as Daniel Johnston was born on January 22, 1961 from Sacramento California and is now currently residing at Waller, Texas. He is a composer and a singer. He also knows how to play the piano, guitar, chord organ and drums. Other special talents included making artworks now being shown in London and New York.

How did his musical career start off?

His works was noticed when he moved to Austin, Texas. He met new friends and acquaintances and later on began to have a following in his unique music. He had some series of appearances and performed at the Woodshock music festival in 1985. He flew to New York for a bigger project with the producer of Kramer in 1990. It was not an overnight success for Johnston.

It was after 10 years of hard work, of handing out music tapes to strangers that made him well known. Another thing which made him famous was due to the cover image of his album “Hi, How Are You”, printed on the shirt and always worn by Kurt Cobain in pictorials. He became a fan of Kurt Cobain and one of his albums YiP/Jump Music became a favorite. Daniel Johnston suffered from a mental delusion while traveling to West Virginia seated on a two seater plane next to his father being the pilot.

The episode led him to think he was Casper the Friendly Ghost and suddenly removed the plane keys from the ignition and threw it away. Good thing his father used to be an Air Force Pilot and this promptly lead him to decide for a crash landing. The two ended up in the hospital but only with minor bruises. After this incident, Daniel was later on admitted to a mental institution. His music career did not stop there. Other offers came in from Elektra and Atlantic records in the year 1993. He accepted the offer with Atlantic records and was made to sign the deal in 1994. Unfortunately, the album did not click after its release so Atlantic no longer continued to renew his contract in the year 1996.

Johnston’s works included two song contributions in Larry Clark’s film Kids. He also did a compilation of songs entitled Schoolhouse Rock? Rocks in 1996. Another one was release in the 2004 which is The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered. Thanks to the numerous artist who also made the compilation possible. For 2005, he had Speeding Motorcycle for Infernal Bridegroom Productions which is a Texas-based theater.

Another for the same year included the making of a Dutch documentary for 2006 R.A.M. TV series namely The Devil and Daniel Johnston. The director, Jeff Feuerzeig’s won 2005 Sundance Film Festival for this particular which has been 4 years in the making. Good reviews and high praises followed next which made people want to know more about Daniel Johnston and his works was all about.

Another work of Daniel Johnston was released in the same year of 2006, another compilation of the greatest hits entitled Welcome to My World and also music appearances on The Henry Rollins Show. Other tours followed in the succeeding years and offers eventually poured in.

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