Building Your Legacy Team Using Madden NFL Mobile Season Score

Now that the newest Madden NFL Mobile season has started, you most likely built your Madden NFL Mobile squad. Your team was reset which makes the playing field equal. Your cash balances were retained but most items were reset such as achievements, level, seasons completed, head to head tank, item binders, and coins.

Players were granted Packs at the start based on their previous season score. The final roster was placed as a Legacy Team and players could go to the Trophy Room whenever they want to backtrack their squad from the previous season. They are still available for play for a limited time.

Keep in mind that the Legacy Team’s availability depends at times. Some players removed from the Legacy Team could be replaced with better or equal players. This legacy team could be used in playing for special Live Events but not for regular play.

In managing a Legacy Team, the players could set the lineup through the My Team panel. However,
if you weren’t able to fix this last August 15, what you had is saved and cannot be saved. Therefore, you should dig up your previous team so you could start with the season with a bang. Through season score, you could receive special benefits for the latest season.

It is important that you have reached 100% in your past score as this could put you in an elite group which has the top 3% of Madden NFL’s mobile players. Once you have this stat, you could have one offensive and one defensive elite player items. You could also have ten gold kickoff packs with either one gold, two silver, or two bronze. And the most important of all, you could have your own legacy team.

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