Crossy Road Tips and Tricks

We now know how Crossy Road is an addictive game that works like Frogger, only different in a sense that you collect free gifts through new characters and coins. Basically, you need to go as far as you can without drowning, getting caught by a hawk, or getting hit by a train or a car. Basically, all you need is concentration, timing, and practice. To bring your game to a higher level, read on and apply these tips!

1. You don’t have to spend real money

Oftentimes, free gifts are being given by Crossy Road and you may obtain coins during the game through Crossy Road hack. If you want to get a character fast, you could always purchase one for only 99 cents but if you come to think of it, you’ll have more fun playing the game. It may take a longer time getting characters but the fun is worth it.

2. When crossing sections, check for patterns.

Almost all of the time, there are already existing patterns in traffic and rivers. Strategically work your way by remembering how the patterns go. Watch the flow of traffic, the speed of the lanes, and the direction where things come from. The algorithm is pretty much the same.

3. Take advantage of sprints

To get a high score faster, sprint across several traffic lanes at a given time. Make sure you are fast in determining the time when you can do this. Try looking through a macro view of the environment and not just what is in front of your character. Tap like crazy when there is an opening in a freeway. Just make sure not to overshoot.

4. Avoid getting fixated on coins.

Coins merely allow you to get new characters but other than that, they don’t have much purpose. Remember not to focus too much on getting coins since they could be easily gotten by watching short trailers. Better concentrate on the road and the adventure in front of you.

5. Jump as close to the back of trucks and cars as much as you could.

When crossing traffic lanes, jump at once upon letting the cars pass. This gives you ample time before another car could possibly hit you. The thought here is to get close to the bumpers of the cars passing in front of you so if you need to turn around, you have more time to do so.

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