My Singing Monsters Fan Art You Can Get Excited About!

my-singing-monsters-fan-art-1My Singing Monsters is a simulation game available both in Google Play and App Store. It is basically a simulation game where you could control strange creatures in a world that’s specially made for them. It is more inclined in being a world-building music game where the player collects and breeds monster mashes.
Every monster could sing with a unique song and it has its own personality and sound. In the end, you could create your entire digital monster orchestra. You may either breed the monsters or purchase them from the shop. Feed them and level them up as well so they would have better performances.

Indeed, My Singing Monsters Fan Art is a great way to spend your time when you are bored. No wonder more and more people are being enticed in playing the game. Did you know that its fan base now includes graphic artists and perhaps just people given talents in drawing?

In My Singing Monsters’ Facebook page, there is an album entitled Fan Art for My Singing Monsters. The link is Even the creators of the game are amazed by the creativity of their fan base. Submitted artworks range from images generated using computers while others are simply drawings which are indeed very colorful. There are even others who took the extra effort to use fuzzy wires. For the children, they make use of clay to form their favorite monsters. Some opt for DIY cut-outs which are very creative, using the fan art to create the UI interface for diamond generator like My Singing Monsters hack tool.


Meanwhile, there is also an existing DeviantArt group for enthusiasts of My Singing Monsters app. The link to the group is Browse among numerous galleries of original artworks by the young and old fans alike of My Singing Monsters.

And of course, Tumblr is a great source for browsing for images as well. Just search the #mysinginingmonsters and #fanart hashtags and you’ll see there are a lot more images created by people playing the game. Checking the Tumblr page itself with the link will also show you not only fan arts but also other images related to the game.

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